Thank you for visiting my page.  Be assured this is no coincidence. You are here because you are meant to be here. Your loved ones led you here. Today is the day healing begins…..

Simply Marlo

This past week I was privileged enough to be invited to a birthday dinner for a dear women whom I knew in high school.  The dinner was being given by her very close life long friends whom all live in the surrounding area.  Marlo was her name and...

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My Magical World

  Magic found me this weekend.  It has been awhile and I truly missed it. That experience that makes you sit back in awe and validates that the life most people believe to be true is so much more.  I feel like I have been let in on this little secret of...

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A Mediums New Year

Here we go, the start of a new year.  New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings, new endings.  Its a time of the year for manifesting the things you want.  For envisioning your life as you want it to be.  For me this time of year is like a double edge...

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