Thank you for visiting my page.  Be assured this is no coincidence. You are here because you are meant to be here. Your loved ones led you here. Today is the day healing begins…..

You Can Be a Medium!

Are you being called by Spirit to become a medium? As a child, Tracey Escobar lived with the secrets of painful abuse-and then at nineteen, her heart was shattered by the sudden death of her father. She carried the weight of these unhealed traumas into her twenties and thirties, and then spiraled into self-hatred and poor life choices into her early forties.

And then a red couch changed the course of her life.

Tracey learned to decode the secret language of Spirit and unveiled her true calling and now enjoys a successful career as one of America’s most highly-acclaimed psychic mediums.

You Can Be a Medium is an engaging guide that will develop your intuitive capabilities through exercises, tools, inspiring meditations—and the story of a very special red couch.

Through healing ourselves, we can tap the wisdom of the other side. There is purpose in our pain.

Offering Online Readings, Mediumship Events & Mentorship!

Online Readings

Readings are done via Zoom or in person in Dallas Tx. Whether you want clarity about your life or if you want to connect to a loved one who has passed, my readings will offer you a sense of clarity and hope.

Mediumship Events

Throughout the year I host or participate In on-line or in-person events.  During these events I will randomly connect with the loved ones of members of the audience and bring through their loved ones personality, memories, and deliver healing messages.  It can be a powerful and healing experience.


Want to develop your own abilities but don’t know where to begin? I want to help you.  I have an on-line mentorship program where I will teach and guide you through the development of your own psychic and mediumistic abilities. 

Roadmap To Alignment

The Roadmap to Alignment is a great tool for creating healthy habits to promote positive change for your mind, body & spirit!

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Featured In Voyager Magazine!

Metaphysical Happy Hour!

Are you ready to discuss Metaphysics? This show is all about infusing spirituality into our everyday lives! Everything is on the table to discuss: Mediumship, Tarot, Reiki, Energy Workers, Healers, Vibrational Frequency and more! Our amazing guests are people who are in the business and have a unique story to tell. They are pulling back the curtain and sharing their experiences and advice with our listeners.

10 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Here are 10 ways to support you as you begin to dive into the world of realizing your own special gifts.

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Had my first reading ever with Tracey and was not sure what to expect. Tracey is the real thing—she was able to tell me things no one else would know. She is very kind and instantly put me at ease. Highly recommend!
Mandy Chase

I loved my reading with Tracey yesterday! She gave me complete confirmation on an issue I was dealing with and also some great future advice as well. She was very intuitive and kind and super happy and positive. I loved her bubbly personality. We laughed a lot. Will definitely use her again!!!

Tammy Rogers Lambeth

Tracey was recommended to me by a friend. I can say it was amazing. I was able to have peace after 34 yrs and wish I would of had this experience sooner. She was able to bring things out and teach me to observe the signs before your eyes. Thank you Tracey !!!
Russ Smith

let me tell you Tracey is absolutely amazing. everytime I book with her I get the answers I need and she makes me feel so much better…..its like I am talking to a long lost best friend.
Katilyn Rotramel

Had my read tonight with Tracey, she is absolutely amazing! She was Dead on! Loved the conversation. Anyone looking for a read should do one with Tracey!
Brittany Tolmie

I met Tracey for the first time today and she was phenomenal! She has such a warm and welcoming energy, and her reading was spot on! Thank you so much for telling me exactly what I needed to hear.

Ashley Smarowsky

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