Thank you for visiting my page.  Be assured this is no coincidence. You are here because you are meant to be here. Your loved ones led you here. Today is the day healing begins…..

The Climb

A part of my great adventure this month was having the pleasure to visit Ireland. Coming off an emotional week in England where I was knee deep in 24/7 mediumship and self recognition, it was really hard to go to such a beautiful country and not be reflective....

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Soul Shine

  "When you can't find the light That guides you through a cloudy day When the stars ain't shinin' bright You feel like you've lost you're way When the candle light of home Burns so very far away Well, you got to let your soul shine Just like my daddy used to...

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Just Deliver The Message

My experiences are starting to become more and more frequent and expanding beyond the class room or practice groups. I have now started to get messages and communication from spirit at random times and for people I hadn't expected.  With this growth also comes...

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