Tonight I attended a girls night ornament exchange party 🎉.  I was running late and still had not picked out an ornament that I was going to take.  As I left the house I ran through my mind all the stores between my house and the location of the party.  For some odd reason I decided on Wal-Greens.  Weird pace to stop for an ornament, but that’s what I was being pulled to do.  I walked up and down the Xmas isle and really couldn’t find any ornaments!  Then out of the corner of my eye I find one single ornament left on the shelf.  So I scooped it up and went on my merry way.

At the party, we played a game where we pass around all the wrapped ornaments. Once the game ends, whatever ornament you were left with at the end was yours to keep 🎁. 

My 🎁ended up in the hands of a lady by the name of Andi.  Andi was genuinely moved and somewhat shocked once she unwrapped the ornament❤️. 

She later found me to let me know just how special the ornament was to her. Two weeks ago she lost a very close family member. There was a particular ornament that this family member had hand painted a ☃️ on and Andi was going to bring it to the party for the ornament exchange. Before she was able to retrieve it from her family members home, the home caught 🔥and everything was destroyed.  Even the ornament. 

Well, the hand painted ornament that was destroyed in the fire 🔥 was the exact same ornament I had bought for this exchange and coincidently ended up in Andi’s hands out of 16 people who were playing the game. 

What a beautiful 🎁 from her loved one in spirit.  Now that’s a sign! 

Merry Christmas 🎄 

Tracey Escobar- The Red Couch Medium