UPDATE 12/12/2018:  Since the writing of this blog, I have discovered the name of the resident/artist.  Her name is Evette Harvey of Denton, Texas.

Any good synchronicity story has a trail of DOTS that all connect.  If you go back far enough you can identify exactly where the story began that lead to a series of events that got me to today.  This seems to be a reoccurring theme on how the spirit world likes to work with me. They get me!  

But before I begin I have to mention my current state of mind because I feel it is connected somehow. I cant explain it, but I have this feeling, this force, this energy, pushing me right now. I haven’t felt like this since December, 2015 when my awakening first began. Now, three years later, I am a profession medium. I can only imagine what is in store for me now, it feels big. DOT.

Now lets start from the moment I feel this story began.  November 14th, a day at the park with my grand babies.  I snapped this picture of my grandson. Cute right?!   Everyone meet  Jeremiah. This was such a cute picture of him that captured the essence of who he is that I had to send it to his mom, my daughter.  We are going to place hold the story here and  I will circle back as it becomes relevant to the story later o.  DOT

Fast forward to Saturday December 1st, which happens to have been my birthday.  I received a message asking if I would like to be a presenter at a local Psychic Conference in March.  I eagerly accepted. DOT.

For this speaking commitment I would have to speak/teach on a topic for 1.5 hours. This will be my first time ever participating as a speaker and since I am a newbie I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes and take a subject someone else normally does. Scrambling for ideas,  I broke out 3 years of journals and class notes to get some inspiration on a topic.  Hope your keeping up. DOT.

I finally come up with and idea on a topic.  I love the topic so much that not only can I speak about it, I think I can even develop a class on it.  Possible even a book!  I feel the momentum so strongly. Like I am being called to do it. Dot! I began brainstorming and outlining my ideas.  While flipping through my journals I was reminded of a concept I had for a cover of a workbook or book that I would one day write. I always knew deep within my soul that I would be a creator one day.  I knew from a young age a book was in me. This journal entry was dated April 29th, 2017. A doodle of a concept of a little girl holding a teddy bear in front of a brick wall. Behind the wall was a heart.I knew I would have to find someone to draw my concept out for me once I had a home for it. Well, I think I have a home for it now! This concept would be PERFECT for my class idea.  Time to manifest this into reality.  Dot.

Its now December 5th, I am working on my class and decide to take a break and check social media. Scrolling through Instagram I see that my daughter posted a picture of Jeremiah.  A resident at the apartment complex she works at does drawings.  She took the picture of Jeremiah I took at the park and made a sketch version. So good, right! From this point you will begin to understand why the picture was so relevant to the story.

I reached out to  my daughter to see if maybe her resident would do a commissioned piece for me to help me bring my concept to life (I feel its important to note that I have friends who are artist and could have done this for me easily. Spirit had other plans in mind). DOT.  I sent my daughter a  message explaining what exactly I wanted with a picture from my journal entry.  She agreed to reach out to her apartment resident and let me know if she would do the commissioned piece for me. Please forgive the unforgiving use of word predict in my text message.

Hopefully by now I have your full attention, because you are about to be mind blown!

The following day I get two urgent calls and an urgent text message from my daughter. “Mom, you have to call me back as soon as you can!”.  So of course I called her back.  She proceeds to tell me that she spoke with her resident about my idea.  The resident was a little taken back at first and explained to my daughter that she had drawn that very concept five years ago.  She said sometimes she gets ideas and “knows” that they will manifest into something one day.  She went back to her apartment to see if she could find the artwork she had done.  She brought this back….dated almost exactly 5 years ago to the day.  December 12, 2013. DOT DOT DOT!

I have spent most of the night trying to logically explain how this could possibly happen. Maybe I had seen this image before and stored it in my sub-conscience.  Maybe it wasn’t an original concept.  I scoured the internet trying to find this image out there.  I turned up nothing.  But even if it wasn’t original, how could I explain the series of events that led me to reach out to a person I never met to create a concept that she had done as well 5 years ago? There is no explanation other than this, we are all one. There is a master plan in place. All things happen for a reason.  You have to surrender, trust, and believe that the inspiration you are given is coming from a higher place.  I received validation in a really big way that I am meant to create and develop the idea and inspiration that was given to me in 2017.  Apparently the time is now. Perfectly divine timing.  

Stay tuned for a class coming to you soon. 

The Red Couch Medium-Tracey