My experiences are starting to become more and more frequent and expanding beyond the class room or practice groups. I have now started to get messages and communication from spirit at random times and for people I hadn’t expected.  With this growth also comes the internal conflicts I have to face now.  In a class environment everyone is there for the same purpose and have a similar belief system regarding the metaphysical.  I am the norm there.  But now spirit has decided its time to for me to work for them and I may have to deal with people who think I am a fake, or crazy, or in cahoots with the devil himself.

Recently I was faced with this very issue.  On the way to class I started to receive messages.  Sometimes I get very little and sometimes I get a lot.  This time, spirit was very good at communicating with me and told me a story.  I couldn’t wait to get to a place I could park so I could make sure I could write it all down.  Here is the message as it was told to me.

“I am an uncle.  Big burley guy with a beard who loved the outdoors. I had an accident but I didn’t die at that time.  I died later, but it was related to the accident.  My wife suffered after my death.  She was so broken hearted.  She died of a broken heart.  My death sparked a domino affect, death after death after death in a short amount of time.” I felt his wife with him.  But he did all the talking.  He was her strength. Then I was given these images….a domino, a swatch of a pink baby blanket, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the name Laurie and the name Maddison.  A message of THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU followed.

Once I received the name Laurie, I was taken back for a second.  I had just recently started communicating with my daughter-in-laws step mom, Shelly.  Earlier that week we had our first ever real conversation where I got to know her a little.  I vaguely remembered her mentioning her sister named Laurie who had passed about 4 months ago. Could it be?   Does that then make the man who came to me in spirit my daughter-in-laws UNCLE?  WHOA!  I barely know these people.  What I do know is they are very CHRISTIAN! I cant go to her with this…she will think I am CRAZY! My poor son with the CRAZY family!   All this happened right before class mind you.  So I had plenty of time to stew on it.  Then it happened…during class we practiced giving each other readings.  The person who got me, not knowing a thing about what was really going on in my head that day,  said these magic words.  “Just deliver the message and don’t worry about what they think of you.” SHIT! Excuse my language, but SHIT!

Taking the advice I had been given, after class I messaged Shelly.  “Didn’t you say your sisters name was Laurie?”    She replied, “yes, why?”  And so it began.  Prefacing the message with “you may think I am crazy but….”.  I delivered the message I had received and the images given to me. She was not sure what to think of it all.  Her beliefs say that this is wrong and you should not seek out mediums.  However, she felt the need to absorb the information I had given her and replied back with her story along with a picture of her sister with a big burley guy with a beard.  I am going to paraphrase this a little because our communication over messenger went back and forth for quite awhile.

“About 10-15 years ago the brother of my sisters high school friend was shot in the back and paralyzed.  3 years ago my sister was asked by the family if she would be interested in helping them and becoming  his caretaker. They developed a romantic relationship. She was his legs and he was her brain (she had suffered an aneurysm years ago and suffered from memory loss).  This past August he had to have surgery and ended up passing away. The ME officially stated his death was related to his original injuries.   4 weeks to the day, my sister died of  a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (a tear in the heart). Then in December my uncle passed away (death, after death, after death within a 3 month span).  After their death a neighbor was caught breaking into the house to try and steal his domino’s.   My all time favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. My sister left behind 2 teenage girls. One of which is pregnant and leaning towards the name Addison.  The other daughter had  put a piece of her pink baby blanket in with her mother.”

Just deliver the message, spirit says.  Leave the rest in our hands.

I am a Medium.