4893054_300x300 This past week I was privileged enough to be invited to a birthday dinner for a dear women whom I knew in high school.  The dinner was being given by her very close life long friends whom all live in the surrounding area.  Marlo was her name and she passed away in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. While I was getting ready for the dinner I couldn’t help but wonder if Marlo would be joining us tonight and if so would she talk to me and help me pass on some healing messages to her friends that miss her so much.  Lately spirit has been communicating with me while I am driving.  This time was no different.  On my way to dinner I started to get information.  I started getting specific messages and images and even a song “put your hands up, their playing our song, the butterflies fly away”.  I knew it was Marlo.  Even her dad decided to come forward and say hi as well.  I was so thrilled that I would finally have the opportunity to share this with my friends who were all still hurting from the loss of their lifetime friend. I arrived early for dinner and sat at the bar and caught up with one of the “fab five”, the nickname they gave themselves.  I was bursting with excitement and couldn’t wait to share!!  Eventually everyone else showed up.  My excitement quickly turned to fear. Instead of sitting at a small table with just myself and her three close friends, I was at a huge table with her three close friends, spouses, mothers, kids, and friends of theirs I never met.  WHOA!   By this time however, I had an open flow of communication with Marlo and the info wasn’t stopping.  Her energy was so strong I was having a really hard time not making it obvious. A couple of times during  dinner one of the kids kept calling me out because she would notice me with my eyes closed, “are you really tired or something?”.    One of my friends called out later, “Tracey is zoning out”.  HAHA, if only they knew what was going on in my head.  I was faced with the torment of what to do.  Do I go ahead and deliver the messages?  But, there are people I don’t know!  What if they think I am crazy!  Also there are kids! Not sure that would be appropriate.  So I decided to hold back.  Instead of delivering the messages straight forward, I would just suggest topics of conversation. “How is her mom doing?”  Marlo was very concerned about her mom and the losses she has suffered in the past year and a half.  Marlo passed in 2015.  Marlo’s sister and Marlo’s daughter passed in 2016.  ” Has Marlo’s dad passed away?”  Marlo’s dad had stepped in to say hi and to let everyone know he was there with everyone in heaven. “So tell me about your favorite stories and memories of Marlo.”  Marlo had shared with me that she doesn’t want everyone to feel sad anymore.  She wants her memory to live on with the memories of the fun crazy times (and trust me there are MANY).  She wants those fun memories shared to her children so that they remember her that way and not of always being sick.  Have her legacy live on with the all the stories that can be shared.  That is about all I could get away with at the dinner without outing myself as a Medium. When I finally got home that night I immediately messaged the members of the “fab five” to share with them the detail of the messages I got.  She was happy, pain free, and with her daddy, sister, and daughter and watching over everyone and thanking them all for watching over her remaining children, grandchildren and her mom. She made special mention to Dani for recently spending time with her son and grandchildren.  That was her way of saying she was there and she is aware.  Also she made mention of tattoos that have been done in remembrance her and a special hi to the person with the white poodle. There is a special blanket that someone has and someone please reach out to her mama.  But most importantly, remember the good times and she really enjoyed her birthday celebration,  ” its a party in the USA”. -I am a Medium