Magic found me this weekend.  It has been awhile and I truly missed it. That experience that makes you sit back in awe and validates that the life most people believe to be true is so much more.  I feel like I have been let in on this little secret of the universe, only its not a secret at all.  Its available to anyone willing to listen.

My Saturday started like any other Saturday.  This weekend was class weekend and as usual I started getting messages from spirit.  I was feeling pretty anxious, so I laid down with pen and paper and just wrote the details I was being given.  I definitely had a grandma who wanted to communicate.  She gave me some pretty specific details and then at the end a name, Dorothy.  Now, since I am still a practicing Medium my confidence is not 100%.  I question all the time if what I hear inside my head is spirit or my imagination and my own thoughts.  I was looking forward to class to see if anything I was getting was right.

At the beginning of class our facilitator always demonstrates for us.  This time my grandmother (moms side) decided she wanted to give me a message.  I have never met her in person.  She passed away when my mom was thirteen.  I was given a nice message from her.  What sticks out in my mind the most and is a pivotal to this story was the message of ” I am here to help you with your mediumship, just call on me.  I will help souls find you and help guide you to the person that needs the message.” Wow, that was powerful for me and comforting that I have help on the other side.  Now for the skeptics in the world I can hear the term in my head-HOGWASH!  Hmmmm, but is it?  Read on….

A part of every class we are given the opportunity to try and link with the spirit of a loved on in our class.  It was my turn to get up in front of the class and give it a go.  I was feeling pretty confident because of the details I was getting earlier in the day. So I started to deliver what I was getting.  I had two people in the class who could validate pieces of the information I was getting, but neither could take 100% of it. Although my classmates felt I did a great job,  in my heart I just knew that I was off somewhere.  It did not feel like a successful attempt to me at all.  Oh, and neither could take the name Dorothy.   Confidence down!

Every medium at some point will question their abilities.  Maybe I am not cut out for this.  Maybe spirit changed their mind and doesn’t want to work with me.  I went to bed that night thanking GOD for the magic I have experienced so far and asked for another experience to be shown to me to get me over this slump.  I need an little nudge to keep on keeping on.  Sunday morning I received a Snapchat message from a friend who is aware of the “woo woo” stuff I do.  She was seeing a repetitive number and asked if I knew what it meant.  I referred her to a website that talks about angle numbers and we chatted a minute about how the meaning really resonated with her.  Note:  We do NOT chat often at all.  It was out of the norm that she sent me a message.    Once we ended our conversation I got that “feeling”.  I felt the energy of spirit try and get my attention.  The first thing that popped in my head was “Polka Dot”.  Random!!!  This intense felling would not go away and I was compelled to reach back out to my friend and ask her if that meant anything.  She replied with “hmmmm ?”.  I sat with it a minute more and it came to me that spirit was trying to tell me something about the word Dot.  It was a nickname.  So again, reluctantly reaching back out asked my friend “do you know anyone that has the nickname Dot?”  “Yes, my grandma (moms side) her name was Dottie and was referred to as Dot a lot.”  Ah HA! I went and told her some of the messages and details I was getting and she was able to validate them all.  Then it occurred to me to ask…”was her full name Dorothy by chance?”.  She quickly replied…”Yes”.  Then it all hit me.  All the information I was getting on Saturday was my friends grandmother!  I ran to get my notebook to start asking her questions to she if she could validate any of the information I had gotten. E V E R Y T H I N G was validated!  I found my Dorothy and her family.  My heart is FULL!

You would think that would be the end of that magical story, but it goes on.  My dad likes to communicate with me through song lyrics.  Our favorite album is  The Wall by Pink Floyd.  While I was in London last year starting this journey he let me know he was around by randomly putting the lyric “if you don’t eat your meat, you cant have any pudding.  You cant have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”  Its like his calling card for me to let me know he has my back.  So while my family were all winding down for the night and I was in thought of just how amazing this world, universe and God is my daughter decides to change the channel.  She puts it on the movie TED. Barely paying any attention to the movie at all, I all of a sudden hear TED say……”if you don’t eat your meat you cant have any pudding!  You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”  I think my daddy just gave me a little pat on the back. Magic!

I am a Medium.