Here we go, the start of a new year.  New hopes, new dreams, new beginnings, new endings.  Its a time of the year for manifesting the things you want.  For envisioning your life as you want it to be.  For me this time of year is like a double edge sword.  I have all the hopes, wants, dreams, wishes, and plans like everyone else, but I am also plagued by the very real and very heavy burden of death.  On the first of the year when everyone celebrates, I seek solitude.  I pray for all the lives that will be affected in the new year by the loss of a loved one.   I carry the burden of feeling the devastation of loss that will come with the new year for so many.  This year will be LIFE CHANGEING for so many!

During a recent meditation I found myself stuck in the Wizard of Oz movie. My mind kept flipping back in forth in a loop that I could not jump out of between the scene of the tornado and the scene of the beautiful yellow brick road leading to the beautiful OZ.  Then I thought of all the turmoil Dorothy experienced on the way and the words “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” stayed on repeat.  They symbolic messages within that movie have brought me some solace.   Although I deeply hurt for those of us left behind, I know in my heart of hearts that there is “no place like home” and the loved ones that have left this earthly plane are indeed home now.  Their  tornado is over.

I have taken time this first week of the year to gain my strength so that I can prepare to help heal those of us left behind and spread the word that our loved ones are very much still around ….just in a different form.  They continue to love us and help guide us and celebrate the celebrations of life with us.  I also take this time to pray for healing love to be spread over the ones who will lose someone dear to them this year.  I love you!