I have three beautiful children and I love them ALL equally and would literally give my life for any of them.  I think any mother would.  But there is something very special about a mother and her son.  I have yet to figure out exactly what that X factor is, but it does exist.  In one instant they can break your heart-yet you love them no less. They could not call you for weeks-yet you love them no less.  They could forget to say I love you-yet you love them no less.  You fear for their safety, you pray they find love, you hope for their future.  Today I was reminded just how special this connection can be.

I had some Christmas errands to run this morning.  On the radio one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs came on, “Mary Did You Know?”.   It sparked an emotional response that I just couldn’t shake.  I had remembered that last year the church I had attended sang that song during their Christmas show and it was one of the most beautiful renditions I have ever heard.  So I went and downloaded it and played it while I was driving to the store. What a beautiful song about a mother and her son.  Have you ever really sat and just listened and absorbed the lyrics and felt the power of that song?  At about the same time my own son was messaging me needing some ideas on what to get his girlfriend for their 4 year anniversary.   We went back and forth before hitting the jack pot on what would be perfect for her.  My advice to him was to always make her feel special.   Looking back on my past relationship with my ex-husband, that is really all I ever wanted.  It was truly that simple.  So I hoped that this was something I could teach my son. Make her feel special, show he off to the world, and love her.  So while I was listening to the song, my son text me to let me know he had ordered flowers for her and was having them delivered to her while she was at school.  I had suggested roses, because well that’s what us girls like right?  “Mom, I didn’t just get a dozen.  I got two dozen and balloons and a teddy bear.”!  Can I just tell you all that IMMEDIATELY tears fell from my eyes!!!  I was so proud of my son at that exact moment. I was so proud of him as a man (he is 21).   Then almost as immediately as the tears fell for him, they started falling for myself.  Not really sure why I became so emotional.  Feelings of hurt and anger from my marriage all of a sudden hit me out of no where.  We have been divorced since 2010 and pretty much have a non-existent relationship at the moment since our kids are all  grown up. Needless to say by this time I am pretty much and emotional basket case.  Once again I played the song and basked in the beauty of it and the message and went on to the store.

I ended up getting everything I needed and when I got back to my car I just had the urge to sit there.  The events from earlier had really sparked an emotional release that I think I had been desperately needing.   I played ” Mary Did You Know” about three times and just released and filled my heart with love.  I must have sat in the parking lot for about 15 minutes with my eyes closed just listening and feeling.  When I finally opened my eyes, I glanced around to just make sure no one was watching this crazy lady sitting in her car singing and crying!  I looked in my side-view mirror and noticed a large green truck backing up and parking right behind me. That truck looks very familiar.  And guess who steps out of it?  Yup, my ex-husband.  So I wipe my eyes and open my car door to see if I get his attention.    He sees me and comes over to say hello.  At this point my spidy senses start going off.  I do not believe in coincidences.  Spirit is up to something.  After a few minutes of small talk he ask, “so how is your medium stuff going?”  I replied that it was going well and then he asked, “have you talked to my mom?”.

My mother-in-law had passed away last year after a battle with cancer.  She was an extraordinary women who’s light always shined bright for all that met her.  She didn’t live the easiest life but you could never tell by her spirit and love for life and her family.  One of the biggest loves of her life was her son. I don’t think anyone would ever argue that fact.  He wasn’t always the easiest to love either. But, there again was that mother son bond that I just cant explain.  I have to tread a little carefully with this subject with him because he is not a believer.  He calls himself a “realist”.  He is a tad bit, ok ALOT bit skeptical A few weeks prior he told my daughter who is also a Medium, if my mom is really talking to you ask her what she used to call me as a child.  When my daughter came back and told me that, I honestly had no idea.  I don’t think I ever knew what his mom called him as a child.  So I decided that I was going to ask!  I was going to ask his mom.  And so I did.

“Actually, yes” I replied.  I went on to share that his mom has spoken to me now on three occasions.  Of course he didn’t really believe me I am sure.  I said that our daughter had told me about the challenge to determine his child hood name.  I explained that I was not 100% sure if I was hearing the name correctly because I really didn’t have any point of reference.  I was hearing Yani, Noni, Nani- or something to that effect.   The color rushed from his face like he had just seen a ghost.  Apparently, I was right :).  Now that I had his attention, and for at least this brief instance he believed me, I was able to share some other things with him that his mom had told me.  I was able to touch this mans heart, even if it was only for a brief second.

Imagine the roller coaster ride this Medium was on today.  I went from having a powerful emotional experience about Mary and her son Jesus,  to being in complete LOVE with my own son and our relationship, to being angry at my ex-husband for not being what I needed him to be only to run into him and share with him the love of his own mother in spirit all within an hours time. Now that my friends is the work of the spirit world!  You just cant make this stuff up!!