It’s a peaceful Sunday evening at the house. A time to reflect and refocus.  I am inspired to write and make note of the lessons I am learning along this crazy journey. Writing  brings me clarity to situations that present itself.  There is so much to learn. I guess that’s what “development” means.  As I sit here formulating the words to type with ideas swirling in my head I cant help but  focus on another great gift that has been given to me. Some Mediums live a pretty secluded life.  It can be hard for people to understand.  It is easier for people to think we are crazy, or mental,  than to even fathom the alternative. It would be especially hard if you had no one to celebrate your milestones with.   God knew what he was doing when he decided that my path in life would be Mediumship. He gave that same path to my daughter, Jazmine.  And he did it at the EXACT SAME TIME!  Our journey started simultaneously. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, she repeatedly reminds me. Yes, I am aware!

Her life has not been easy. She has suffered some great losses in her twenty-six years.  And when you first experience with death is your best friend at the young age of 18, that is exceptionally hard. The grief never went away.  She battled depression, suicidal thoughts, and lived in darkness for a very long time.  Then one meeting with a psychic/medium this January sent her down the road to healing.  A seed had been planted that life after death does exist and that she had the gift to be a healer if she chose to pursue it. She was now presented with a choice.   She was finally able to see another option for her life.  She now had a clear choice in the path she wanted to take. This path or a path of self destruction.  I am very proud that she decided that she wanted to take the hurt and grief that she suffered  and channel that into helping others going through the same thing.  She made the decision that she was going to be a Medium.

This past week I was able to watch her work for the first time. I asked her to read for someone that was too close to me to be able to give a non-biased reading for.  It was simply an amazing experience to watch.  She asked a few questions about the person to make sure she was connecting to the right spirit and then she just went for it and the information just flowed beautifully.  She captured the love and feelings of the spirit that was coming through and delivered a beautiful message and relevant guidance for the person she was reading for. I sometimes just cant believe how lucky I am to be able to experience this magic. I am in awe of  her confidence, determination, and her all knowing that this is what she was meant to do.  I am learning so much from her spirit. The confidence I lack she makes up for ten-fold!  I can not wait to see what is in store for her future. She is destined for greatness and will touch so many souls in her lifetime. I am a very proud mama and I have the feeling that we will be working together a lot in the future. As our teacher put it this weekend, I will attract the older generation and she will attract the millennia’s. What a spiritual power team!  Our light shines doubly bright in this home. Thank you for coming along on this crazy ride with me!!!