I recently wrote about the highs and lows of mediumship. I have struggled with recovering from that day and so looking forward to this weekend of classes to regroup.  While I was getting ready for my favorite meditation class tonight, literally minutes ago, spirit used that opportunity to remind me that they did give me a remarkable experience that day.  I just failed to enjoy the beauty of the moment because I was so stuck on  my perceived failure of the day.

Exactly two weeks ago I attended my favorite medication class like I do every other Thursday night.  During this class our teacher took us on a guided meditation where we were going to work on hearing sounds in our mind.  It was a beautiful experience for me.  I started our hearing a guitar strumming.  I got lost in the beautiful sound of the music.  It was very relaxing and peaceful. Then the guitar sound faded slowly  and wind chimes started playing as if blowing in a calm wind.  Now wind chimes wouldn’t have been a sound that I would have thought of.  I knew that was not my imagination, but this class is about going within, not about communicating with spirit.  I tried to enjoy the tones like the exercise called for, but the Medium in me just couldn’t let it go.  I listened carefully.  What do the wind chimes mean?  Then I got the overwhelming since that they were a gift for someone I know.  Yes, that is what they were.  I was suppose to get these wind chimes for this person who I would be seeing that Saturday afternoon.  I also heard the message “Enjoy the beauty of the moment”.

I spent all day Friday going from store to store to try and find a nice wind chime in November.  That was a struggle for sure!   I actually gave up.  Plus, how weird that I show up with a gift for this person and its wind chimes.  What if she hates wind chimes?  How would I explain this whole thing.  Forget it!  It was probably all in my head.  I probably imagined it all up.  Then came Saturday.  On my way to class I got this URGE to stop at one more place.  Well they had a very nice selection left of wind chimes.  I spent about fifteen minutes just trying to  pick the right ones. I finally settled on a pair with a beautiful tone and a wire and jeweled frog on the top.  By this time I had fifteen minutes to get to class and stop and get a card and a gift bag.  Whew!!!!  Talk about last minute idea!!  I made it to class and as we all know from my previous blog, it was less than successful for me.  After class I gave the gift to my friend.   I was a little nervous at this point.  Will she even like it?  Will she think I have lost my mind?  A wind chime in November?   She slowly unwrapped the odd shaped gift.  She looked at it for a very very long minute and then looked up at me and said “this is perfect, did you think of this yourself?”.   Weird question right?  Well not really. We are Mediums mind you.  I told her no, I think someone else wanted me to give these to you.  And really bad apparently.  She went on to tell me the story of a loved one she had that is crossed over.  She regularly seeks out Mediums to help her to communicate with this person.  In one session she had, the Medium told her to mediate outside and listen to the wind chimes.  Well, she didn’t own any wind chimes.  So she would sit out side and listen to the neighbors.  This was her way of connecting with this loved one.  WOW!  Really???  So I didn’t “imagine” this stuff?   She went on to tell me that today was his birthday as well.  And it was so like him to give her a gift on his birthday.

But it wasn’t till RIGHT NOW that I even realized how magical that was!!!!  I let my disappointment in myself cloud the beauty of the moment.  I mean really how more magical and beautiful can it get?  Love is eternal.  As I wrap up this blog, I am excited to the possibilities of what magic is yet to come this week.  Everyone, stop and enjoy the beauty of the moment and don’t get lost in the ugliness of the past.   Nameste!