When people first find out I am studying to become a Medium their initial reaction is commonly skepticism.  And that is ok.  It is a tough thing to believe in.  I get that.  Not everyone has experienced the loss of a close loved one yet in their lifetime.  Unfortunately I have and at a fairly young age.  When I was nineteen years old (1990) I got the call from my mom that I needed come home.  I was over at my boyfriends house at the time. So I did, I went home a little concerned at what was going on.  When I walked into the house my mom was up and in the living room waiting for me.  She had a somber look on her face and it looked as if she had been crying.  I knew something must be terribly wrong. Did my grandmother pass away?  My grandfather?  If it was one of them I think I would have been more prepared.  That is the natural order of life right?  But unfortunately it wasn’t.  The words “your dad is gone, he passed away early this morning” came out of her mouth.  I sat there in utter shock.  My dad?  How could that possibly be?  He was too young to die!!

My parents were divorced when I was a little girl but there was this bond that I had with him all my life.  He was the most important man of my life.  I can not even explain in words the love I had/have for him. My dad had just retired from the Army weeks earlier and decided to buy a pecan farm near Midland, Texas.  He planned on moving his family to Midland to live out his new dream.  Before he could move everyone to their new home, my dad and his Army buddy had to go down to get the house ready.  One night he decided to light the pilot light on the furnace.  By the next morning my dad was gone.  The latch on the furnace did not properly close and the house filled with carbon monoxide. And just like that all of our lives changed.  We were all sent down a different path whether we knew it then or not.  My dad would never walk me down the aisle.  My dad would never meet his grandchildren.  I could never call my dad to help me fix my car.  I would never experience my dad being able to come over and help me fix a leak.  I no longer had a dad to make me feel safe.  I no longer had a dad to run to when I was sad.  I went numb!!!  I spent the next twenty plus years being angry at him.  I especially became angry with him because he never came back to me in a paranormal since either.

Years after his passing I began to be curious about the paranormal. But that is all it was, a curiosity.  When mediums finally started to become more accepted and had TV shows I could not get enough.  WOW I thought.  This stuff has to be real.  Why wasn’t I a chosen one?  I would give anything to hear from my dad again!  My curiosity was always a deep part of me.  But life happens.  You work everyday, you raise children for twenty years, you just live the busy life.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I read about a local gallery reading being held where four Mediums were going to demonstrate.  I was immediately drawn to it and just new I had to go!!!  So I did.  I went with the hope of FINALLY hearing from my daddy!!!  I was heart broken when he didn’t come through.  Again, why?  Why wasn’t he coming to me?  Was I wrong about our bond?  I was devastated.   The experience did lead me to the realization that Mediums just aren’t on TV.  There are ones local that I could reach out to see.  So that is what I did.  I was drawn to a particular Medium that night and decided to book a private reading.  She had a pretty long wait list.  It took me four months to get it.  But it was so worth the wait!!!

In February of 2013 I met with a Medium named Jennifer Farmer.  During that session I FINALLY heard from my dad.  It was the most amazing experience of my life.  She gave me detailed information about my dad so that I was assured she was connecting to him.  He apologized for not being around.  He validated my anger at him.  His words, “its ok, daughters are suppose to get angry at their dads” and then he chuckled.  That was so like him.  Never a serious moment around him.  He also shared that he does know his grandchildren.  He gave detailed information about each of them and what was going on in their life.   That one hour I spent with her healed 23 years of hurt and anger and sadness.  What a magical gift.  What a healing gift. I just wanted to scream to the world that this is so real.  Our loved ones are here.  They are sharing our life with us.

I spent the next two years still fascinated with Mediums and their gifts.  Wishing I could do what they do so effortlessly.  Wishing I could help heal people the way I was healed.   But you have to be born with it right? Well, what I have since learned is really everyone is born with the ability.  Everyone has the gift.  For some people the gift is forced upon them when they are young and then there are people like me who are drawn to it through tragic events and decide to purposely develop it (which in reality just means it was part of your path to begin with).   And  here  I am now.  I am on this miraculous journey to becoming a Medium and gaining the ability to help people heal.  I have had the pleasure of studying under some great teachers.  I learn more and more everyday. And the best part?  I have an amazing relationship again with my daddy.  He is right by my side through all of this.  He is with me at every class and give students a spirit to communicate with.  When I get frustrated and want to quit, he is right there to push me forward. He is my rock.  He is my reason why.  I now know he has been with me my entire life.  Even as I write this blog, I can feel him around me giving me the strength to hold back the tears.  Love you Daddy!