Recently at a work dinner function I was asked a question I was not prepared to answer.  We were all talking about personal accomplishments in our life at the moment and I made a comment that I am in the best place personally than I have ever been.  I am not talking financially or romantically, I am talking about me.  The core of who I am.  My own personal peace.  With that statement came the question “what do you credit it that to?”.  Huh? I was not prepared to answer that question to co-workers. I can not tell them that I have found my passion, my thing, the thing that makes me me!  I cant tell them of my journey to becoming a Medium!  They will all think that I have completely lost my mind!  Somehow I stumbled through the conversation and avoided the answer completely! But it did leave me feeling a little vulnerable. So I have been thinking a lot of what exactly I have done to get me to my personal  peace.  I have done a lot of work of myself over the past 11 months.  This takes a commitment to want change.  It takes commitment to practice everyday. It takes commitment to be the you that you deserve to be.  It takes GRATITUDE, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATION and FORGIVENESS.

Gratitude will take some work especially if you perceive yourself to have been a victim of circumstance all of your life. You have to wake up everyday and be thankful for something. Once you do that you can begin to be thankful for everything.  Look and be grateful for every situation, every outcome, every blessing and every lesson. Walk everyday in gratitude and the blessings will come.

Meditation changed my life and that is not an understatement.  It was not easy to start with.  I committed to meditating daily. I  learned to control my mind. I learned to enjoy spending time with myself.  I learned to listen to my inner self.  I also learned to listen to what my spirit guides had to say. Meditation is about going within.  Discovering who you are. Opening yourself up to the magic of the universe. This is an essential part of my life now.

Affirmations are key to changing our thought pattern.  I lived in a world of self sabotage.  I cant, I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’ not smart enough, blah blah blah.  I created a vision board and wrote down all the things that I am or that I wanted to be.  Every day I would look at my board and say those things out load.  You have to state them out load so the universe can hear you and so that you start believing those things to be truth. Change your thoughts by changing what you speak.  Remember, your thoughts can become your reality.

Lastly and probably one of the most important actions you can take for yourself is forgiveness. The first step in forgiveness is to forgive yourself. We are not perfect by design.  It is ok to make mistakes.  Its ok to not be perfect. Its ok to be human. Once you can forgive yourself you can work on the equally important task of forgiving others.  Forgive them so you free yourself from being kept hostage to their actions.  Everyone is on their own personal journey and are human too.  It will be up to them to face and forgive themselves for the actions they have done to others.

Now when asked the question “what do you credit towards your state of peace right now?”, I can honestly say it took months of hard work to change my thoughts to become my reality through gratitude, meditation, affirmations, and forgiveness.






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  1. You said it perfectly “This takes a commitment to want change. It takes commitment to practice everyday. It takes commitment to be the you that you deserve to be. It takes GRATITUDE, MEDITATION, AFFIRMATION and FORGIVENESS.” – may I add also, it must be consistent, heartfelt, and deeply desired! Vain repetitions do no one any good.

    “Meditation changed my life and that is not an understatement. ” – absolutely! There cannot be enough said to a DEDICATED practice of mental focus and concentration through meditation. It too was the catalyst that changed a tremendous amount for me as well. It was through Meditation that I “awakened” to who I was, what “life” is, how consciousness comes into form, who this observer is, etc. This is the ever-present fuel that drives me daily to remain dedicated to these practices, obtaining a library of knowledge, expanding my awareness in every direction on every level of being, and building my bodies to reach higher states of conscious awareness.

    “Lastly and probably one of the most important actions you can take for yourself is forgiveness. ” – Probably the second most important thing next to Meditation is forgiveness! Forgiveness of yourself and others. When I had my “experience,” one of the immediate things that occurred was instant forgiveness for everyone (including myself). When you wake up to realize that everything is perfect, everything is working out exactly as it should, that there is a greater plan in the universe that you are a part of and then the biggest kicker – when you realize that everyone you ever held negativity towards was simply doing their job. How can you keep negative energies when you can clearly see they played their part well and you are the one who missed the mark and didn’t take advantage of that situation to better yourself. The more I learn about consciousness and how we are influenced by others thoughts we think are our own, yeah, one tends to forgive all in the process. As the saying goes “Holding on to a hot chunk of coal waiting to throw it at someone, it is you that are getting burned, not them”. What you do affects you, what others do affects them. Let go of all the negativity in life, release it, and become mindful of all those conversations internally that keep the negativity going. Judge not lest ye be judged. I am too busy correcting myself to judge anyone else. I forgive all including myself. These were great companion affirmations through that correction phase I journeyed through. I still find myself focused on these whenever situations arise and the Ego tries to bring those kinds of thoughts back, I move to these and move on.

    One must stop the negative inflow to manifest positive changes in the outflow. – RS

    All of the things you mentioned above helps change that inflow. I loved your story and am grateful for you sharing it. I too am traveling in a similar direction and appreciate you sharing these thoughts. It’s good to be a seeker (and finder)! Sending thoughts of peace, intense joy, love, wealth, health, and immense prosperity. -RS

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