I was not a die hard fan of Stevie Nicks.  Notice I say “was”, but I did grow up listening to her and even owned an album back in the day.  Looking back on this experience I am about to describe I know now what spirit was trying to teach me.  This lesson I call “PAY ATTENTION TO SYNCHRONICITIES”!   This one is a little long but oh so worth it!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Houston on business.  I was settled for the night when I got a text from a lady that I have been practicing my refining gift on. I am going to refer to her as LOVE STORY from here on out.  She was wanting to schedule another meeting with me.  I was very apprehensive because I had a successful reading in the past with her but just wasn’t sure I could recreate the magic.  Reluctantly I agreed to meet that Friday.  So now of course I am worried and a little stressed out about it.  What if I disappoint her?  This trusting spirit thing is a little nerve wracking!  I went on about my evening flipping through channels.  I ended up landing on the season premier of The Voice.  I have never been an avid watcher of it, but with the limited TV choices in the hotel room I decided to give it a try.  Wow, great show right?!  One act in particular caught my attention because of their interpretation of Landslide by Stevie Nicks.  Now from here on out I am going to bold the synchronicities so that you can follow easily.  What a great song I thought to myself.  Then went on to finish the episode and went to bed.  I ended up traveling back home the following day which was Wednesday.

Thursday morning I wake up with those “feelings” that I get and thoughts flashing through my head like crazy.  Was a little hard to keep up.  I heard (in my head) a set of initials, its my birthday, and the song lyrics “if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills“. Yup, lyrics from Stevie Nicks Landslide.  Then I got the overwhelming feeling that LOVE STORY was not doing very well and probably needed to hear from me. So I reached out to her and gave her details of the information I had gotten that morning.  The initials were hers based on her maiden name which I had not idea of.  The birthday was her soul mates who had passed sometime ago.  His birthday was coming up.  She could not however place Landslide as significant.  By now I know that spirit is never wrong!  So I know there has to be something with that song.  Maybe it was a message for me?  Stevie Nicks wrote that song in CO at one of the lowest points in her life.  LOVE STORY had just got back from a trip to CO.  Maybe he was trying to tell me how she was feeling.  remember I got this overwhelming feeling that she was not doing good?  Ok maybe that was it.  I am just going to sit an marinate on all this info.  That night I was getting ready for bed and started by usual scroll through Facebook.   Then out of now where a post from an old high school classmate came across my feed.  It went something like this, “my old high school crush Stevie Nicks is going to be on the Late Late Show TONIGHT!”.  Ha, ok spirit I get it!  I am on the right track and that’s there way of letting me know.

Friday morning comes around.  I start to meditate a little to get prepared for my reading with LOVE STORY.  I just can not get this Stevie Nicks thing out of my mind.  There has to be more to this!  I just know it in my gut.  I go back and reread the Facebook post from the night before and decide I need to go find out what song she sang on the Late Late Show.  If is was Landslide then I know I was on the right track!  I searched and searched and was about to give up because nothing was posted yet when I stumbled across the Stevie Nicks performance that night on YouTube.  I anxiously clicked it open to listen.  To my disappointment it was not Landslide.  I felt deflated.  I am hours away from meeting LOVE STORY!  This all has to mean something!  Reluctantly I decided to listen to the song she sang.  MIC DROP! OMG! MOUTH WIDE OPEN!  This was it!  This was the song I was meant to hear!  This is where spirit was leading me to.  Stevie Nicks sang Leather and Lace.  This was LOVE STORY’s LOVE STORY!!!  Everything fit!  I went to pull the original from her Belladonna Album, which by the way was the exact album I had as a kid.  The original was a duet with Don Henley.  I listened to the original and when Don came on it was like LOVE STORY’s soul mate had a voice again!  I just knew this is what it was all about!  And you want to know how I know?   For the past couple of months spirit has made themselves known to me through Dimes.  I find Dimes all over my house in the most random places.  They are spirits calling card to me.  Well, while I was making my bed before leaving to my appointment with her….there it was.  My sign from spirit that I was on the right track.  There in the middle of my bed under the blankets was a single dime. I literally cried.  I was about to give this lady the most incredible experience.  This session was not about proving that there is life after death, or proving that I am actually communicating with her loved one.  We had already established all those things in earlier sessions.  This session was about feelings.  This was giving spirit a voice again to convey his feelings toward her. Today she was going to hear and feel her soul mate again.

We always meet in a central location between our homes.  Typically in a study room of a library.  When she got there I had her sit down and asked her to let me take her on a journey of my week and all the events that led us to this moment.  Then I handed her the lyrics of Leather and Lace that I had printed out.  And then I played the song for her. When the lyric “I search only for something I cant see” played tears started falling from her eyes.  As the song played on and Don Henley’s part played she literally gasped and more tears came.  I have to say it was the most beautiful experience I had ever witnessed.  When it was all over she looked over at me in utter amazement and just said “thank you”.  She let me know that before our meeting she was angry at Soul Mate.  She was asking him to please just let her know how he feels. You see, there love here on Earth was unrequited.  She never new if he felt for her what she felt for him.  Spirit made it clear that day that love transcends.  Now I know there are skeptics out there that think this was all a coincidence.  Trust me I second guessed my self the next day.  Was it really as magical as I had experienced?   YES it was!!!!!  Two days letter LOVE STORY sent me a text.  She had picked up a new book to read (she is an avid reader).  A couple of chapters into the book the couple decides to go out on a date and they go to their local pub named…. Leather and Lace. 

The magic is everywhere if we all just pay attention!  Well done spirit, well done!