img_3440 My most recent experience on my journey to  mediumship was this past weekend.  At this stage I try and take what ever development class I can get into.  These opportunities are my only means of practice in a non-pressure environment.  Its ok to be wrong in these classes.  In fact its great to be wrong.  It makes you dig a little deeper into what spirit is trying to communicate.  Needless to say, I was excited about this opportunity and drove the 4hr trip to Spring, TX  for a 6 hour development class with an instructor I have been wanting to meet for some time. The class was great.  I got a lot of insight.  I learned that I am probably a little further in my development than I realized and that the instructor and I share a lot of the same philosophy regarding mediumship.  About the last hour of the day the instructor asked if anyone wanted to get up in front of the class and demonstrate.  I sank in my chair.  I was very insecure that the magic wouldn’t happen.  Thank goodness another student volunteered.  WHEW!   I was so proud of her spunk and willingness to give it a shot.  It is not an easy thing to do.  When she was done our instructor asked if there is anyone else who wants to give it a shot.  The other student encouraged me to give it a try.  So up I went.  Put all my fears aside and stood up in front of the class.  I took a few seconds to gain my thoughts and then just said what the heck lets do this.  I asked the class if anyone had a father or possible step father who has crossed over who was a mechanic and had a fascination with old cars possibly liked to restore them.  I glanced at each student praying someone could take this information as there’s.   One lonely hand raised slowly into the air.  THANK GOD, I thought!  I looked at her and with some new found jolt of confidence I said he is here for you and the reading just took off from there. It was like word vomit!  I knew things about her dad that there is no way I could know.  I just met this lady.  She lives near Houston.  I knew at a time in his life he had to wear suspenders.  I knew he was a collector of coins.  I gave her a beautiful heart felt message from him.  She was “Daddy’s Little Girl”!  It was a great reading!  It was also a great growth experience for me because the instructor was really good at pushing me to dig for more evidence to give her.   That night I was on cloud 9.  The best feeling in the whole wide world is connecting someone with a loved one who has crossed over. An even better feeling was realizing all the magic that took place that led me to that exact moment saying those exact words to that exact person. What no one else in class knew was that  I was chosen by spirit the night before to be the one to deliver that message to her.  It all started the night before I was going to make the trip to Spring.  I had a really weird dream.  I dream a lot, but rarely do I remember any of them.  This one however, I remembered crystal clear.  I didn’t think much of it at the time other than it was weird, but it definitely stayed on my mind.  So me and a very close friend embarked on our very early morning road trip to Spring.  When we were about 30 minutes out I was compelled to tell my friend about my weird dream.  I explained that in my dream I was a mechanic.  I was actually changing brakes and fixing car antenna’s. WEIRD right?  My friend agreed that it was a strange dream.  Then with that conversation my mind went to when I was a kid and my step-dad would make me change my own oil.  Then I looked down at the front panel of my dash and noticed the change oil light on.  Then my mind wondered and started thinking of old cars and how easier it was to maintain older cars back in the day.  Then I wondered if any old cars are still even on the road these days. I call this day dreaming while driving.  Occupational hazard of being a medium!  Now, not 2 minutes later on I-45 in the outskirts of Houston, Texas we pass a old restored 1950’s ford pick up.  Hmmmmm, ok no such thing as a coincidence.  Spirit you have my attention! Once we got to Spring we were about an hour early so we decided to go eat breakfast in a cute café next to the center where class was being held.  At breakfast all my nerves kicked in.  Am I a Medium?  Can I do this?  What if it doesn’t work this time?  As these thoughts and fears flooded my mind it happened.  I could feel the presence of spirit.  That familiar feeling that I long for.  The right side of my face flushed  and tingled and I could literally feel his energy.  For me when I get that feeling on the right side I know it is a male.  I immediately started putting all the pieces together.  Father, mechanic, old cars, restore…could it be?  Am I out of my mind or is this all suppose to mean something?   After breakfast when my friend dropped me off at the center I noticed another old restored 1950’s truck parked right by the school.   I just smiled.  My job as a Medium is to trust spirit.  So that is exactly what I did. When I got up in front of class and took those first few seconds to compose my thoughts.  I was actually telling spirit that I trusted them and please lead me through this experience.  And that my friends is exactly what he did!  He gave me enough to get started and he took it from there. On my way home the next day I had a lot of time to reflect.  Why me?  Why did he choose me?  Of all the people in class that day he chose me to deliver that message to his daughter.  Maybe because he knew my commitment to developing and that I would be one of the two students who actually took the opportunity to practice?  Maybe because I was a daddy’s girl too and lost my father so I could emotionally feel her pain?  Maybe because she lost her father at the age of 18 and I lost my father at the age of 19 so we have similar experiences?  I will never know the “why”?  But I will forever be honored.