After my spiritual push in December so much has happened. I could have never imagined I would be where I am at today 10 months later.  Just starting to put it all into words is making me a tad bit emotional.  We have 10 months to catch up on…..hold on tight!!!!!

First off the sequence of events that happened next I now know are NO COINCEDENCE.  There are NO COINCEDENCES!!  I am a firm believer in that now.  Everything happened as it was meant to happen and when it was meant to happen.

January 2016– My daughter had been going through some challenges in her life after suffering a great loss years earlier.  I had an experience with a Medium a couple of years ago that instantly gave me healing and peace from the passing of my father when I was 19.  I was AMAZED at the accuracy and the message that I received.  I just knew this type of experience could help my daughter.  I wanted her to experience what I had.  So we found someone local that was recommended to be by someone on my beauty team (you know, hair, nails, face, etc.).  From here on out I will call her my “face lady”.  She will have a significance in my story later on.   We met with the psychic/medium and had a pleasant experience.  One of the things she told my daughter was that she was an old soul and had the ability to do what she did.  WHAT?   My jaw dropped! That immediately caught my attention because I too have been drawn to psychic/paranormal/mediumship since the passing of my father.  Through out my adult life I would try and tap into it to see if I was “psychic”.  I bought Sylvia Brown books.  Watched John Edwards religiously. But, I was living in a household that did not support this type of thing based on fear that It brought forth evil spirits.  So I always admired people that could do it and always wish I would have been one of the “gifted” ones.  So this news that my daughter has the ability….well that means maybe I do to!!!!  So that leads me to February.

February 2016- I needed to find a place to learn.  So I did what any other person would do…I GOOGLED IT!  And there I found a metaphysical store close to our town.  On the site it has a listing of classes you could take.  I started taking everything I could.  This stage of the journey is called “spending a fortune”!  I wanted to try everything.  And I did!  But I knew my passion would be mediumship.  I had the experience of the healing power and I wanted to give that healing to others.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of class that I could find on this subject locally.  So I just kept taking classes and taking up meditation.  WHOA MEDITATION!  That was the game changer for me.  When I started meditating daily and opening myself up the first symptoms I got were physical.  Out of nowhere the area in your chest just below your breast bone would VIBRATE!  It was CRAZY!!!!  I would wake up at night and a light show was going on in my eyelids.  What was happening to me???  Was I going through an awakening?    I kept on mediating daily.  By this time I wanted more!  It became my addiction.  During mediations I would get thoughts of names such as Mary Magdalene, bible versus, visions of guides, and messages of encouragement.  I was in a state of aw at this point.  How can all this be real?

March 2016- By this time I figured out what I wanted to do.  I didn’t want to be a “psychic”.  I didn’t want to read tarot cards. I was not drawn to crystals.  I am far from being the stereotypical woo-woo.  I want to be a Medium!  I want to heal people of grief and loss.  HOW DO I DO IT? Well, I had already planned a trip to London to spend sometime with one of my closest friends who had moved there in 2015.  So one day while I was at a class at the metaphysical store someone mentioned a college in the London area that develops Mediums.  WHAT? NO WAY?  So I ran home to “GOOGLE” it!  Arthur Findlay College had a Modern Medium Course going on the week I was going to be in London. I told you there are NO COINCEDENCES!!  Without hesitation I booked it!  Not sure how I was going to pay for it all, but I didn’t care.  I needed to get there!    And there you have it…..My quest to become a Medium has begun.