My time at Arthur Findlay college is undoubtedly one of the most memorable times of my life.  It was there that I experienced my first communication with the spirit world. It was there I got confirmation that I can do this. It was just up to me how hard I was willing to work to develop my new skill/gift and how far I wanted to take it.  How bad did I want this?

My first communication is worthy of sharing. It was absolutely MAGICAL!  After a couple of days of learning the science behind psychic and mediumship abilities my tutor, Jackie, came into class asking “who here has never communicated with spirit?”.  I glance around the room and no one is raising there hand.  I was so nervous.  Should I admit that I had not?  I thought to myself, you are here make the most of it!  Raise your hand!!!!  So, I did!  That one decision changed my life forever!  Jackie looked at me as said “ok, come up to the front of the class”.   Huh?  Ok surely she is going to demonstrate on me to show the class how its done right?  NO!!!  I am now standing in front of my class of 12 and here is how it goes.

Jackie –Close your eyes. Picture yourself in your home.  What room is your favorite room?

Me- My room.

Jackie-What are you doing while you are in your room?

Me-Laying on my bed relaxing.

Jackie-While you are lying there, look over at the door.  Who is standing there?  Is it male or female?

Me-A women

Jackie- Is she a mother, grandmother, daughter?

Me- She is a mother.

Jackie-How did this mother pass?

Me- I feel my stomach hurting.  I think she passed of a stomach issue.

Jackie- Ok what does this mother like to do?

Me- She loves to knit.

Jackie- What else does she like to do?

Me- She loves to cook.

Jackie-What kind of meals?

Me-Just regular family meals.  She loved to feed her family.

Jackie-Ok now open your eyes.  I want you to look around the room and tell me who this mother belongs to.

OK what??  Are you freakin kidding me?  At this point I am pouring in sweat and really have no idea if I am about to fall on my face with embarrassment.  I was just saying the first things coming to my mind.  Its not like I am seeing this mother in front of me and she is giving me all the answers.  So what the heck, I start glancing around the room.  I scan it once, then on the scan back I stop at a lady whom I have never met before until this class.  We lock eyes and I say “her”,

Jackie asked the lady, “do you have a mother in spirit that passed with a stomach issue who loved to cook large family meals and knit?”  The lovely women looked and Jackie and I with a tear in her eye and smile on her face and nodded…..yes!!


Jackie- Ok Tracey, tell me something about this lady that she has done recently that her mother knows.

Me-I am getting cards.  Do you like to play cards? There is something to do with cards.

Lovely Lady- Yes, I make custom greeting cards.

Jackie- Ok good, now Tracey ask this mother to tell you something else.

Me- I am seeing books.  Are you going back to school or something?

Lovely Lady- Um no.

Jackie- But isn’t it true that your mum had a lot of books and recently you have been going through them?

Lovely Lady- Oh yes!!  She had a lot of books and we have been going through them just recently.

Jackie- Ok Tracey, ask this mother to give you a name the is relevant to this lovely lady.

Me- Michael

Lovely Lady- Yes, he was my husband.

MIC DROP!! I am about to faint!  Did that just really happen?

And that my friends was my first communication with the spirit world. I am a medium.