The next part of my journey I have titled “Growing Pains”.  Everyone (Mediums on TV or personal ones I have seen) make it look so easy. Like you can just have a conversation with spirit and deliver a beautiful healing message.  But that is further from the truth. This stuff takes work! It takes having the courage to practice.  It takes trusting the info you are getting because your own thoughts could get in the way. It also takes being a very talented translator.  Spirit doesn’t speak in full sentences.  They get their point across with a single word, a flashing thought, a dream, a symbol, a feeling, an emotion.  So imagine being new to this world and trying to navigate through all that. IT IS HARD!!  And how in the heck am I suppose to “practice” on people? What if I get it wrong? These are peoples loved ones, I do not want to get it wrong. Once I came back from my London experience I was at a loss of what to do next.  I craved more training.  I needed a safe environment to practice. At that time I was struggling to find anything local that would fit that need.  I was starting to become frustrated.  I didn’t want to lose this new gift.  Then it happened.  I was talking to the lady who I had hired last year to do my lawn.  Through conversation I mentioned what it was that I was training to do and the frustration that I was having. It just so happened she had a similar interest.  She agreed to let me practice on her.  YIPPEE!!  Ok, I was very nervous about doing so but eager to see if it could be done out side of Arthur Findlay College.  We ended up meeting for breakfast.  For the sake of privacy I wont go into details but I will tell you what I learned that day.  I learned that names came fairly easy to me.  A camel is sometimes just a camel. A roller coaster isn’t always a  just a roller coaster.  WHAT?  This stuff is hard!  So during my reading I get the image of a camel.  Ok, we live in Texas why on earth would spirit show me a camel?  Was a member of her family in the military and served in Dessert Storm? No.  Was a camel a favorite stuffed animal as a kid? No.  Does someone smoke Camel Cigarettes? No. At this point we were both stumped.  Then she started going through her pictures on Facebook.  And there it was!  A memory captured in a picture on a significant day in her life of her husband and you guessed it, a camel licking his face at a wildlife park.  Lesson learned.  Spirit is never wrong, I as a medium can translate or interpret it wrong.  So then we get a roller coaster.  Do you have a memory of this loved one and you on a roller coaster? No.  Do you like roller coasters? No. At this point I was depleted and wanted to hang in the mediumship towel. Then my sitter said, “oh wait, I was just having a conversation with my uncle about struggles I am having in a relationship and he told me my relationship was like a roller coaster.”   Lesson?  A roller coaster isn’t always a roller coaster!   Ok spirit, I get it!