Here I am.  I am 45 years old, have a good career, divorced mother of 3 very strong minded adult children.  I am a grandmother of 2 amazingly adorable grandchildren (yes I am too young to be a grandmother).  Yet here I am starting a blog about my life and the transformation that has taken place in the last 6 months.  If it wasn’t happening to me, then I would never have believed it. But low and behold, here I am experiencing this thing that people call “ Awakening”.  This paradigm shift in reality.  In this new reality a tree is no longer just a tree.  It is a living breathing holder of energy and answers to life’s secretes. What?  Where did that come from???  You see, 6 months ago I would have just said that is an Oak tree.  A very old Oak tree.

So lets rewind back to December of 2015.  I was a normal middle age woman just surviving life.  Work drama, kid drama, friend drama, boyfriend drama, bills, house cleaning…you get where I am going with this.  I was wrapped up in “life”. Then I woke up…literally.  I woke up one day with a different type of energy.  All of a sudden I felt like I was super woman on steroids.  I was getting things done. I was motivated, I was creative, I was longing to find out who I was and where I belonged in this world.  Most people who find themselves starting to question the meaning of life and its purpose is automatically drawn to what society deems to be the obvious answer…GOD. Where do you find GOD?  You start with church. Now, I am no stranger to church although I was not raised in a church home.  But my grandmother was Southern Baptist and I was definitely introduced to church all through out my childhood.  As an adult, my ex-husband tried to introduce church into our lifestyle.  But it never “stuck”.  We would go for a couple of months….then not so much.  So maybe now was the time.  Maybe what I am searching for I will find by attending church every Wednesday and Sunday.  So I gave it my all.  For about 2 months I was there whenever there was a service.  I prayed, I sang, I worshiped, I even felt the spirit of the holy ghost and spoke in tongues for a split second.  That really freaked me out.  I never really believed that people could actually do that and not be faking.  That was the first time I recognized that I could link to something that most people do not believe in and actually feel the magic that surrounds up in the universe.  So If I could feel the Holy Spirit what else is out there that we have no concept of?  OH MY….little did I know then what absolute MAGIC the universe is and we live right smack in the middle of it all!  Now I must admit that although church was magical, all of its teachings did not resonate with me.  I found the magic through church, but not my truth yet. Church ignited the spark in me to search for my truth and gave me my very first experience with feeling spirit.  For that I am eternally grateful.  But  I must move forward in my quest and along my path……

And that my friends was the story that started it all.  That was my beginning. My Awakening.

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