old-teddy-bearI need to preface this post with a warning…YOU MAY NEED A KLEENEX!

I have now come to a point in my development where I can sense when a spirit is around and trying to communicate.  It is really hard to explain.  I get a little anxious, catch myself zoning out, and if I am not paying attention to it I will get tingles on either side of my face.  That is what happened on this day in particular.  I was not paying close attention to the signs because I had no upcoming classes coming up or practice readings.  I couldn’t shake the feeling all day.  I eventually went to lie down to be alone in my quiet space.  I decided to take my notebook with me just incase I started getting any random thoughts or ideas.  Boy am I glad I did!  As I laid there a random name popped into my head.  Lately I have been getting names in my readings so I knew not to ignore it.  I grabbed my notebook and wrote it down.  Then more thoughts came popping in.  Baseball memory with dad, teddy bear old given as a baby, great childhood, dark side, bad decisions, camping memories.  All of these things I wrote down.  I was stumped.  Why am I getting this stuff? Who is it?  I sat and pondered awhile.  I did personally know of someone who had lost a child by that name. Could that be?  No!  No way!  So I did what anyone else would have done…I stalked FACEBOOK!  No way I was going to bring this up to my friend if it wasn’t true.  I had only met her within the last year.  We were by no means close enough for me to just bring this up unless I was 100% sure.  So stalking I did.  Looking for anything.  A picture, a post, anything!  I got NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing that could validate any of the information that I got.   Maybe I made all that stuff up?  Maybe it was just my imagination?  Sigh…I dated the page in my notebook and went along with my life.  About six days later I was scrolling through Facebook and I started seeing post from my friend who had lost her child.  She was posting memories because his birthday was coming up.  Through her celebration I could feel the pain she was undoubtedly in.  I admired the pictures all the while my heart breaking for her.  Then all of a sudden a picture came through my timeline that STOPPED MY WORLD!  One single picture.  I was so shocked I actually threw my phone across the bed!  I was in utter disbelief.  It was a picture of a baseball cap next to an old teddy bear.  She tagged his dad in the post making reference to the memory that went with the baseball cap.  After I composed myself I did reach out to her to let her know.  We chatted for a bit about my experience and  I sent her a photo of my journal entry from the week prior.  This beautiful soul found me so that I could give his mom the message that he is there celebrating with her and that this was his gift to her. Nothing like a sons love for his mother!! Thank you D for choosing me to be a part of that beautiful experience!