The Red Couch


If you would have asked me a year ago if I ever thought I would be a Medium I probably would have looked at you a little cross eyed like you were crazy.  Although I have always been interested in the paranormal, I viewed Mediums as sort of celebrities.  I loved to watch them on T.V. and always thought how lucky they were to be the chosen ones to have such a beautiful gift.   Never in a million years did I ever think I would be on this path now. Now my friends list on Facebook  is filled with Mediums from all over the world.  Now I am apart of the Medium community.  Now I have friends who are Mediums. Now I connect with the spirit world  daily. Now I am able to communicate proof there is life after death.  Now I am able to give detailed evidence about someone’s loved one.  WOW!  Just WOW!

I am routinely asked if I have always had this gift. Was I born with it?  I think everyone is born with some intuitive abilities.  But to answer the question, I am not one of those who saw things as a kid.  Even after my father passed away when I was 19, I never experienced anything paranormal.  I was even upset that my dad wasn’t trying to communicate with me.   I wasn’t one of the lucky ones I guess.  So why now?  Good question.  I have no idea.  Maybe I was born with it and the plan for me was for the gift to reveal its self at this stage of my life.  I really have no idea.  But I can pin point the exact experience that I believe was spirit trying to get my attention.

February 2014 my boyfriend and I met to go on a nature hike at a local trail.  I was really starting to have a connection with nature and enjoyed the time I spent out in it.  I was also starting to become fascinated with the color red.  I was seeing red birds all the time and had linked them to my father’s spirit.  So during our walk I noticed the beautiful red birds that would fly by.  There were really pretty red flowers and even a red colored moss on the trees.  We started to get deeper on the trail and there was a small clearing in the trees and I made a comment to my boyfriend on how random it would be if right here in the woods we saw a lonely red couch.  He gave me a weird look and replied in agreement that it would certainly be random. We then went about our walk and didn’t talk about it again.

Fast forward about 2 weeks.  My dryer had recently broke and I needed to go to the local laundry mat to finish my weekly laundry.  My boyfriend met me there to hang out while my 100 loads dried (a little exaggerated, but it felt like 100 loads).  While everything was drying we decided to go for a walk.  The laundry mat is in a strip shopping center with a huge open field behind it.  We walked down to the end of the shopping center and decided to go to the back where the field was.  As soon as we turned the corner we notices something out in the field.  As we got closer to the object and realized what it was, we both looked at each other like we saw a ghost.  Right there in the middle of a huge open field was an old lonely red couch!  WHOA!  What are the odds of that!!!  It was such a moving experience we took a picture to capture it and I have attached the original picture above.  I have no doubt now that spirit was at work and trying to get my attention.  I now know that there are no such things as a coincidence.  Spirit put that thought in my head on the trail that day.  My dryer broke so that I would be led to the laundry mat.  My boyfriend was with me so that we would go for a walk.  We went for a walk to I could see the couch.  I saw the couch so I could realize that I needed to start paying attention to the signs. That experience was so monumental to me that I have made it the center of my Mediumship. This is how The Red Couch Medium was born.  A mere thought that has manifested into a life changing event.  Thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you Dad, thank you Spirit team for pushing me to see the potential I have had all along.






Daddy’s Little Girl


My most recent experience on my journey to  mediumship was this past weekend.  At this stage I try and take what ever development class I can get into.  These opportunities are my only means of practice in a non-pressure environment.  Its ok to be wrong in these classes.  In fact its great to be wrong.  It makes you dig a little deeper into what spirit is trying to communicate.  Needless to say, I was excited about this opportunity and drove the 4hr trip to Spring, TX  for a 6 hour development class with an instructor I have been wanting to meet for some time. The class was great.  I got a lot of insight.  I learned that I am probably a little further in my development than I realized and that the instructor and I share a lot of the same philosophy regarding mediumship.  About the last hour of the day the instructor asked if anyone wanted to get up in front of the class and demonstrate.  I sank in my chair.  I was very insecure that the magic wouldn’t happen.  Thank goodness another student volunteered.  WHEW!   I was so proud of her spunk and willingness to give it a shot.  It is not an easy thing to do.  When she was done our instructor asked if there is anyone else who wants to give it a shot.  The other student encouraged me to give it a try.  So up I went.  Put all my fears aside and stood up in front of the class.  I took a few seconds to gain my thoughts and then just said what the heck lets do this.  I asked the class if anyone had a father or possible step father who has crossed over who was a mechanic and had a fascination with old cars possibly liked to restore them.  I glanced at each student praying someone could take this information as there’s.   One lonely hand raised slowly into the air.  THANK GOD, I thought!  I looked at her and with some new found jolt of confidence I said he is here for you and the reading just took off from there. It was like word vomit!  I knew things about her dad that there is no way I could know.  I just met this lady.  She lives near Houston.  I knew at a time in his life he had to wear suspenders.  I knew he was a collector of coins.  I gave her a beautiful heart felt message from him.  She was “Daddy’s Little Girl”!  It was a great reading!  It was also a great growth experience for me because the instructor was really good at pushing me to dig for more evidence to give her.   That night I was on cloud 9.  The best feeling in the whole wide world is connecting someone with a loved one who has crossed over. An even better feeling was realizing all the magic that took place that led me to that exact moment saying those exact words to that exact person.

What no one else in class knew was that  I was chosen by spirit the night before to be the one to deliver that message to her.  It all started the night before I was going to make the trip to Spring.  I had a really weird dream.  I dream a lot, but rarely do I remember any of them.  This one however, I remembered crystal clear.  I didn’t think much of it at the time other than it was weird, but it definitely stayed on my mind.  So me and a very close friend embarked on our very early morning road trip to Spring.  When we were about 30 minutes out I was compelled to tell my friend about my weird dream.  I explained that in my dream I was a mechanic.  I was actually changing brakes and fixing car antenna’s. WEIRD right?  My friend agreed that it was a strange dream.  Then with that conversation my mind went to when I was a kid and my step-dad would make me change my own oil.  Then I looked down at the front panel of my dash and noticed the change oil light on.  Then my mind wondered and started thinking of old cars and how easier it was to maintain older cars back in the day.  Then I wondered if any old cars are still even on the road these days. I call this day dreaming while driving.  Occupational hazard of being a medium!  Now, not 2 minutes later on I-45 in the outskirts of Houston, Texas we pass a old restored 1950’s ford pick up.  Hmmmmm, ok no such thing as a coincidence.  Spirit you have my attention!

Once we got to Spring we were about an hour early so we decided to go eat breakfast in a cute café next to the center where class was being held.  At breakfast all my nerves kicked in.  Am I a Medium?  Can I do this?  What if it doesn’t work this time?  As these thoughts and fears flooded my mind it happened.  I could feel the presence of spirit.  That familiar feeling that I long for.  The right side of my face flushed  and tingled and I could literally feel his energy.  For me when I get that feeling on the right side I know it is a male.  I immediately started putting all the pieces together.  Father, mechanic, old cars, restore…could it be?  Am I out of my mind or is this all suppose to mean something?   After breakfast when my friend dropped me off at the center I noticed another old restored 1950’s truck parked right by the school.   I just smiled.  My job as a Medium is to trust spirit.  So that is exactly what I did. When I got up in front of class and took those first few seconds to compose my thoughts.  I was actually telling spirit that I trusted them and please lead me through this experience.  And that my friends is exactly what he did!  He gave me enough to get started and he took it from there.

On my way home the next day I had a lot of time to reflect.  Why me?  Why did he choose me?  Of all the people in class that day he chose me to deliver that message to his daughter.  Maybe because he knew my commitment to developing and that I would be one of the two students who actually took the opportunity to practice?  Maybe because I was a daddy’s girl too and lost my father so I could emotionally feel her pain?  Maybe because she lost her father at the age of 18 and I lost my father at the age of 19 so we have similar experiences?  I will never know the “why”?  But I will forever be honored.






Spirit, Me, and Stevie Nicks


I was not a die hard fan of Stevie Nicks.  Notice I say “was”, but I did grow up listening to her and even owned an album back in the day.  Looking back on this experience I am about to describe I know now what spirit was trying to teach me.  This lesson I call “PAY ATTENTION TO SYNCHRONICITIES”!   This one is a little long but oh so worth it!

A couple of weeks ago I was in Houston on business.  I was settled for the night when I got a text from a lady that I have been practicing my refining gift on. I am going to refer to her as LOVE STORY from here on out.  She was wanting to schedule another meeting with me.  I was very apprehensive because I had a successful reading in the past with her but just wasn’t sure I could recreate the magic.  Reluctantly I agreed to meet that Friday.  So now of course I am worried and a little stressed out about it.  What if I disappoint her?  This trusting spirit thing is a little nerve wracking!  I went on about my evening flipping through channels.  I ended up landing on the season premier of The Voice.  I have never been an avid watcher of it, but with the limited TV choices in the hotel room I decided to give it a try.  Wow, great show right?!  One act in particular caught my attention because of their interpretation of Landslide by Stevie Nicks.  Now from here on out I am going to bold the synchronicities so that you can follow easily.  What a great song I thought to myself.  Then went on to finish the episode and went to bed.  I ended up traveling back home the following day which was Wednesday.

Thursday morning I wake up with those “feelings” that I get and thoughts flashing through my head like crazy.  Was a little hard to keep up.  I heard (in my head) a set of initials, its my birthday, and the song lyrics “if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills“. Yup, lyrics from Stevie Nicks Landslide.  Then I got the overwhelming feeling that LOVE STORY was not doing very well and probably needed to hear from me. So I reached out to her and gave her details of the information I had gotten that morning.  The initials were hers based on her maiden name which I had not idea of.  The birthday was her soul mates who had passed sometime ago.  His birthday was coming up.  She could not however place Landslide as significant.  By now I know that spirit is never wrong!  So I know there has to be something with that song.  Maybe it was a message for me?  Stevie Nicks wrote that song in CO at one of the lowest points in her life.  LOVE STORY had just got back from a trip to CO.  Maybe he was trying to tell me how she was feeling.  remember I got this overwhelming feeling that she was not doing good?  Ok maybe that was it.  I am just going to sit an marinate on all this info.  That night I was getting ready for bed and started by usual scroll through Facebook.   Then out of now where a post from an old high school classmate came across my feed.  It went something like this, “my old high school crush Stevie Nicks is going to be on the Late Late Show TONIGHT!”.  Ha, ok spirit I get it!  I am on the right track and that’s there way of letting me know.

Friday morning comes around.  I start to meditate a little to get prepared for my reading with LOVE STORY.  I just can not get this Stevie Nicks thing out of my mind.  There has to be more to this!  I just know it in my gut.  I go back and reread the Facebook post from the night before and decide I need to go find out what song she sang on the Late Late Show.  If is was Landslide then I know I was on the right track!  I searched and searched and was about to give up because nothing was posted yet when I stumbled across the Stevie Nicks performance that night on YouTube.  I anxiously clicked it open to listen.  To my disappointment it was not Landslide.  I felt deflated.  I am hours away from meeting LOVE STORY!  This all has to mean something!  Reluctantly I decided to listen to the song she sang.  MIC DROP! OMG! MOUTH WIDE OPEN!  This was it!  This was the song I was meant to hear!  This is where spirit was leading me to.  Stevie Nicks sang Leather and Lace.  This was LOVE STORY’s LOVE STORY!!!  Everything fit!  I went to pull the original from her Belladonna Album, which by the way was the exact album I had as a kid.  The original was a duet with Don Henley.  I listened to the original and when Don came on it was like LOVE STORY’s soul mate had a voice again!  I just knew this is what it was all about!  And you want to know how I know?   For the past couple of months spirit has made themselves known to me through Dimes.  I find Dimes all over my house in the most random places.  They are spirits calling card to me.  Well, while I was making my bed before leaving to my appointment with her….there it was.  My sign from spirit that I was on the right track.  There in the middle of my bed under the blankets was a single dime. I literally cried.  I was about to give this lady the most incredible experience.  This session was not about proving that there is life after death, or proving that I am actually communicating with her loved one.  We had already established all those things in earlier sessions.  This session was about feelings.  This was giving spirit a voice again to convey his feelings toward her. Today she was going to hear and feel her soul mate again.

We always meet in a central location between our homes.  Typically in a study room of a library.  When she got there I had her sit down and asked her to let me take her on a journey of my week and all the events that led us to this moment.  Then I handed her the lyrics of Leather and Lace that I had printed out.  And then I played the song for her. When the lyric “I search only for something I cant see” played tears started falling from her eyes.  As the song played on and Don Henley’s part played she literally gasped and more tears came.  I have to say it was the most beautiful experience I had ever witnessed.  When it was all over she looked over at me in utter amazement and just said “thank you”.  She let me know that before our meeting she was angry at Soul Mate.  She was asking him to please just let her know how he feels. You see, there love here on Earth was unrequited.  She never new if he felt for her what she felt for him.  Spirit made it clear that day that love transcends.  Now I know there are skeptics out there that think this was all a coincidence.  Trust me I second guessed my self the next day.  Was it really as magical as I had experienced?   YES it was!!!!!  Two days letter LOVE STORY sent me a text.  She had picked up a new book to read (she is an avid reader).  A couple of chapters into the book the couple decides to go out on a date and they go to their local pub named…. Leather and Lace. 

The magic is everywhere if we all just pay attention!  Well done spirit, well done!

A Gift for Mom

old-teddy-bearI need to preface this post with a warning…YOU MAY NEED A KLEENEX!

I have now come to a point in my development where I can sense when a spirit is around and trying to communicate.  It is really hard to explain.  I get a little anxious, catch myself zoning out, and if I am not paying attention to it I will get tingles on either side of my face.  That is what happened on this day in particular.  I was not paying close attention to the signs because I had no upcoming classes coming up or practice readings.  I couldn’t shake the feeling all day.  I eventually went to lie down to be alone in my quiet space.  I decided to take my notebook with me just incase I started getting any random thoughts or ideas.  Boy am I glad I did!  As I laid there a random name popped into my head.  Lately I have been getting names in my readings so I knew not to ignore it.  I grabbed my notebook and wrote it down.  Then more thoughts came popping in.  Baseball memory with dad, teddy bear old given as a baby, great childhood, dark side, bad decisions, camping memories.  All of these things I wrote down.  I was stumped.  Why am I getting this stuff? Who is it?  I sat and pondered awhile.  I did personally know of someone who had lost a child by that name. Could that be?  No!  No way!  So I did what anyone else would have done…I stalked FACEBOOK!  No way I was going to bring this up to my friend if it wasn’t true.  I had only met her within the last year.  We were by no means close enough for me to just bring this up unless I was 100% sure.  So stalking I did.  Looking for anything.  A picture, a post, anything!  I got NOTHING!  Absolutely nothing that could validate any of the information that I got.   Maybe I made all that stuff up?  Maybe it was just my imagination?  Sigh…I dated the page in my notebook and went along with my life.  About six days later I was scrolling through Facebook and I started seeing post from my friend who had lost her child.  She was posting memories because his birthday was coming up.  Through her celebration I could feel the pain she was undoubtedly in.  I admired the pictures all the while my heart breaking for her.  Then all of a sudden a picture came through my timeline that STOPPED MY WORLD!  One single picture.  I was so shocked I actually threw my phone across the bed!  I was in utter disbelief.  It was a picture of a baseball cap next to an old teddy bear.  She tagged his dad in the post making reference to the memory that went with the baseball cap.  After I composed myself I did reach out to her to let her know.  We chatted for a bit about my experience and  I sent her a photo of my journal entry from the week prior.  This beautiful soul found me so that I could give his mom the message that he is there celebrating with her and that this was his gift to her. Nothing like a sons love for his mother!! Thank you D for choosing me to be a part of that beautiful experience!

Spirit Takes Control

A really tough lesson on this journey of mine has been that I am not in control over this process. What I mean by that is the spirit world has their own agenda.  I am merely the vessel by which to deliver it.  This very hard lesson almost caused me to throw in the towel.  But, thankfully spirit gave me the nudge to push through and I am so glad I did.   This story below is an account of how two roads were presented to me and which one I chose to take.

Remember in my past blog I mentioned the lawn lady?  Well at this point in my journey she became a critical part of my growth.  Why? Because she pushed me to give readings !!  She wouldn’t take no for an answer.  we set up two readings in one day for a friend of hers.  The first one was with a gentleman and later that afternoon was with his cousin.  It’s important to note they were related.  I got to the meeting location we had determined to meet that morning.  I sat out side EXTREMELY NERVOUS!  This was going to be my first attempt giving an actual reading to someone of the general public.  I sat in the car for about 20 minutes trying to prepare and get into the zone.  I was picking up feelings of a lady in spirit that was with me.  Very strongly I might add. So I just knew that this reading was going to be about this very lovely lady.  I went in sat down.  My lawn lady was their with me for support.  The gentleman came in and sat down and I started to try and make my link. I started to describe the lady I had with me. He did not recognize her.  I asked if his mother had crossed over? His reply back to me was no.  Ok, so I did what you are not suppose to do I asked who was he hoping to connect with?  Turns out he wanted to connect with father who had passed when he was younger.  So I try to “summons” dad to talk to me.  I am getting NOTHING on him What  I am seeing is  images in my mind of this lady.  I just cant shake her.  My lawn lady friend mentioned I should ask her to step back to allow his father to come through.  So that is what I did.  Nope!  She wasn’t going anywhere.  When I described her again he said it sounded like it could be an aunt but he really want to hear from his dad.  So I tried and I tried and I tried.  I just wasn’t getting anything!!!  I was DEVESTATED!!!!  I apologized to him and we ended the session.  I went to my car and cried.  Maybe I was not meant to do this.  Maybe I am not a medium.  Maybe this has been all a waste of time.  I am done!!  Now, remember I have another reading scheduled that evening with his cousin.  I was just sick to my stomach at the thought of going through this again.  I spent the remainder of the day on he verge of texting them all to cancel!  The only reason I didn’t is because I felt her (the lady in spirit) energy so intensely all day.  I just felt in my gut I had to do this reading.  I went to lie down and get in the “zone” about 30 minutes before my client got there.  I took a notebook with me and just started writing every thing that came to mind.  When my client and my very supportive lawn lady arrived we sat down.  At this point I just told myself to trust what you got and just GO FOR IT!  So I did! Like word vomit I just poured it all out.  My client sat there a little bewildered.  She had never been to a medium before.  I couldn’t tell if I was getting it all right or if she was looking at me like I was crazy.  Well, I was getting it ALL RIGHT!   I had just had the pleasure of bringing forth her mother who was the aunt of the gentleman I had read earlier.   Mom definitely wanted her message heard!!! As for me….POINT TAKEN SPIRIT WORLD! POINT TAKEN!  Now, I just let spirit take the wheel

Growing Pains

  The next part of my journey I have titled “Growing Pains”.  Everyone (Mediums on TV or personal ones I have seen) make it look so easy. Like you can just have a conversation with spirit and deliver a beautiful healing message.  But that is further from the truth. This stuff takes work! It takes having the courage to practice.  It takes trusting the info you are getting because your own thoughts could get in the way. It also takes being a very talented translator.  Spirit doesn’t speak in full sentences.  They get their point across with a single word, a flashing thought, a dream, a symbol, a feeling, an emotion.  So imagine being new to this world and trying to navigate through all that. IT IS HARD!!  And how in the heck am I suppose to “practice” on people? What if I get it wrong? These are peoples loved ones, I do not want to get it wrong. Once I came back from my London experience I was at a loss of what to do next.  I craved more training.  I needed a safe environment to practice. At that time I was struggling to find anything local that would fit that need.  I was starting to become frustrated.  I didn’t want to lose this new gift.  Then it happened.  I was talking to the lady who I had hired last year to do my lawn.  Through conversation I mentioned what it was that I was training to do and the frustration that I was having. It just so happened she had a similar interest.  She agreed to let me practice on her.  YIPPEE!!  Ok, I was very nervous about doing so but eager to see if it could be done out side of Arthur Findlay College.  We ended up meeting for breakfast.  For the sake of privacy I wont go into details but I will tell you what I learned that day.  I learned that names came fairly easy to me.  A camel is sometimes just a camel. A roller coaster isn’t always a  just a roller coaster.  WHAT?  This stuff is hard!  So during my reading I get the image of a camel.  Ok, we live in Texas why on earth would spirit show me a camel?  Was a member of her family in the military and served in Dessert Storm? No.  Was a camel a favorite stuffed animal as a kid? No.  Does someone smoke Camel Cigarettes? No. At this point we were both stumped.  Then she started going through her pictures on Facebook.  And there it was!  A memory captured in a picture on a significant day in her life of her husband and you guessed it, a camel licking his face at a wildlife park.  Lesson learned.  Spirit is never wrong, I as a medium can translate or interpret it wrong.  So then we get a roller coaster.  Do you have a memory of this loved one and you on a roller coaster? No.  Do you like roller coasters? No. At this point I was depleted and wanted to hang in the mediumship towel. Then my sitter said, “oh wait, I was just having a conversation with my uncle about struggles I am having in a relationship and he told me my relationship was like a roller coaster.”   Lesson?  A roller coaster isn’t always a roller coaster!   Ok spirit, I get it!


My time at Arthur Findlay college is undoubtedly one of the most memorable times of my life.  It was there that I experienced my first communication with the spirit world. It was there I got confirmation that I can do this. It was just up to me how hard I was willing to work to develop my new skill/gift and how far I wanted to take it.  How bad did I want this?

My first communication is worthy of sharing. It was absolutely MAGICAL!  After a couple of days of learning the science behind psychic and mediumship abilities my tutor, Jackie, came into class asking “who here has never communicated with spirit?”.  I glance around the room and no one is raising there hand.  I was so nervous.  Should I admit that I had not?  I thought to myself, you are here make the most of it!  Raise your hand!!!!  So, I did!  That one decision changed my life forever!  Jackie looked at me as said “ok, come up to the front of the class”.   Huh?  Ok surely she is going to demonstrate on me to show the class how its done right?  NO!!!  I am now standing in front of my class of 12 and here is how it goes.

Jackie –Close your eyes. Picture yourself in your home.  What room is your favorite room?

Me- My room.

Jackie-What are you doing while you are in your room?

Me-Laying on my bed relaxing.

Jackie-While you are lying there, look over at the door.  Who is standing there?  Is it male or female?

Me-A women

Jackie- Is she a mother, grandmother, daughter?

Me- She is a mother.

Jackie-How did this mother pass?

Me- I feel my stomach hurting.  I think she passed of a stomach issue.

Jackie- Ok what does this mother like to do?

Me- She loves to knit.

Jackie- What else does she like to do?

Me- She loves to cook.

Jackie-What kind of meals?

Me-Just regular family meals.  She loved to feed her family.

Jackie-Ok now open your eyes.  I want you to look around the room and tell me who this mother belongs to.

OK what??  Are you freakin kidding me?  At this point I am pouring in sweat and really have no idea if I am about to fall on my face with embarrassment.  I was just saying the first things coming to my mind.  Its not like I am seeing this mother in front of me and she is giving me all the answers.  So what the heck, I start glancing around the room.  I scan it once, then on the scan back I stop at a lady whom I have never met before until this class.  We lock eyes and I say “her”,

Jackie asked the lady, “do you have a mother in spirit that passed with a stomach issue who loved to cook large family meals and knit?”  The lovely women looked and Jackie and I with a tear in her eye and smile on her face and nodded…..yes!!


Jackie- Ok Tracey, tell me something about this lady that she has done recently that her mother knows.

Me-I am getting cards.  Do you like to play cards? There is something to do with cards.

Lovely Lady- Yes, I make custom greeting cards.

Jackie- Ok good, now Tracey ask this mother to tell you something else.

Me- I am seeing books.  Are you going back to school or something?

Lovely Lady- Um no.

Jackie- But isn’t it true that your mum had a lot of books and recently you have been going through them?

Lovely Lady- Oh yes!!  She had a lot of books and we have been going through them just recently.

Jackie- Ok Tracey, ask this mother to give you a name the is relevant to this lovely lady.

Me- Michael

Lovely Lady- Yes, he was my husband.

MIC DROP!! I am about to faint!  Did that just really happen?

And that my friends was my first communication with the spirit world. I am a medium.

The Path that led to London

After my spiritual push in December so much has happened. I could have never imagined I would be where I am at today 10 months later.  Just starting to put it all into words is making me a tad bit emotional.  We have 10 months to catch up on…..hold on tight!!!!!

First off the sequence of events that happened next I now know are NO COINCEDENCE.  There are NO COINCEDENCES!!  I am a firm believer in that now.  Everything happened as it was meant to happen and when it was meant to happen.

January 2016– My daughter had been going through some challenges in her life after suffering a great loss years earlier.  I had an experience with a Medium a couple of years ago that instantly gave me healing and peace from the passing of my father when I was 19.  I was AMAZED at the accuracy and the message that I received.  I just knew this type of experience could help my daughter.  I wanted her to experience what I had.  So we found someone local that was recommended to be by someone on my beauty team (you know, hair, nails, face, etc.).  From here on out I will call her my “face lady”.  She will have a significance in my story later on.   We met with the psychic/medium and had a pleasant experience.  One of the things she told my daughter was that she was an old soul and had the ability to do what she did.  WHAT?   My jaw dropped! That immediately caught my attention because I too have been drawn to psychic/paranormal/mediumship since the passing of my father.  Through out my adult life I would try and tap into it to see if I was “psychic”.  I bought Sylvia Brown books.  Watched John Edwards religiously. But, I was living in a household that did not support this type of thing based on fear that It brought forth evil spirits.  So I always admired people that could do it and always wish I would have been one of the “gifted” ones.  So this news that my daughter has the ability….well that means maybe I do to!!!!  So that leads me to February.

February 2016- I needed to find a place to learn.  So I did what any other person would do…I GOOGLED IT!  And there I found a metaphysical store close to our town.  On the site it has a listing of classes you could take.  I started taking everything I could.  This stage of the journey is called “spending a fortune”!  I wanted to try everything.  And I did!  But I knew my passion would be mediumship.  I had the experience of the healing power and I wanted to give that healing to others.  Unfortunately there are not a lot of class that I could find on this subject locally.  So I just kept taking classes and taking up meditation.  WHOA MEDITATION!  That was the game changer for me.  When I started meditating daily and opening myself up the first symptoms I got were physical.  Out of nowhere the area in your chest just below your breast bone would VIBRATE!  It was CRAZY!!!!  I would wake up at night and a light show was going on in my eyelids.  What was happening to me???  Was I going through an awakening?    I kept on mediating daily.  By this time I wanted more!  It became my addiction.  During mediations I would get thoughts of names such as Mary Magdalene, bible versus, visions of guides, and messages of encouragement.  I was in a state of aw at this point.  How can all this be real?

March 2016- By this time I figured out what I wanted to do.  I didn’t want to be a “psychic”.  I didn’t want to read tarot cards. I was not drawn to crystals.  I am far from being the stereotypical woo-woo.  I want to be a Medium!  I want to heal people of grief and loss.  HOW DO I DO IT? Well, I had already planned a trip to London to spend sometime with one of my closest friends who had moved there in 2015.  So one day while I was at a class at the metaphysical store someone mentioned a college in the London area that develops Mediums.  WHAT? NO WAY?  So I ran home to “GOOGLE” it!  Arthur Findlay College had a Modern Medium Course going on the week I was going to be in London. I told you there are NO COINCEDENCES!!  Without hesitation I booked it!  Not sure how I was going to pay for it all, but I didn’t care.  I needed to get there!    And there you have it…..My quest to become a Medium has begun.

What the HECK is going on…

Here I am.  I am 45 years old, have a good career, divorced mother of 3 very strong minded adult children.  I am a grandmother of 2 amazingly adorable grandchildren (yes I am too young to be a grandmother).  Yet here I am starting a blog about my life and the transformation that has taken place in the last 6 months.  If it wasn’t happening to me, then I would never have believed it. But low and behold, here I am experiencing this thing that people call “ Awakening”.  This paradigm shift in reality.  In this new reality a tree is no longer just a tree.  It is a living breathing holder of energy and answers to life’s secretes. What?  Where did that come from???  You see, 6 months ago I would have just said that is an Oak tree.  A very old Oak tree.

So lets rewind back to December of 2015.  I was a normal middle age woman just surviving life.  Work drama, kid drama, friend drama, boyfriend drama, bills, house cleaning…you get where I am going with this.  I was wrapped up in “life”. Then I woke up…literally.  I woke up one day with a different type of energy.  All of a sudden I felt like I was super woman on steroids.  I was getting things done. I was motivated, I was creative, I was longing to find out who I was and where I belonged in this world.  Most people who find themselves starting to question the meaning of life and its purpose is automatically drawn to what society deems to be the obvious answer…GOD. Where do you find GOD?  You start with church. Now, I am no stranger to church although I was not raised in a church home.  But my grandmother was Southern Baptist and I was definitely introduced to church all through out my childhood.  As an adult, my ex-husband tried to introduce church into our lifestyle.  But it never “stuck”.  We would go for a couple of months….then not so much.  So maybe now was the time.  Maybe what I am searching for I will find by attending church every Wednesday and Sunday.  So I gave it my all.  For about 2 months I was there whenever there was a service.  I prayed, I sang, I worshiped, I even felt the spirit of the holy ghost and spoke in tongues for a split second.  That really freaked me out.  I never really believed that people could actually do that and not be faking.  That was the first time I recognized that I could link to something that most people do not believe in and actually feel the magic that surrounds up in the universe.  So If I could feel the Holy Spirit what else is out there that we have no concept of?  OH MY….little did I know then what absolute MAGIC the universe is and we live right smack in the middle of it all!  Now I must admit that although church was magical, all of its teachings did not resonate with me.  I found the magic through church, but not my truth yet. Church ignited the spark in me to search for my truth and gave me my very first experience with feeling spirit.  For that I am eternally grateful.  But  I must move forward in my quest and along my path……

And that my friends was the story that started it all.  That was my beginning. My Awakening.